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Spirit of Service

Seva Foundation

Print newsletters are a great way to keep donors motivated... but only if they read it.


I've seen it Seva and lots of other organizations — when we improved the quality of the newsletter, our fundraising results improved across all channels.

One powerful thing about a print newsletter is that people tend to keep it around the house for a while. That means they're more likely to read it... and friends and family may see it, too.

Strategy, Creative Direction, Writing

Robin Woodland

Staff Team

Amy Sherts


Stoller Design Group


Jon Brilliant

Geoff Oliver Bugbee

Matt Fitt

Terence Ford

Karl Grobl

Brian Harris

Jon Kaplan

Cecilia Kayano

Tony Kozlowski

Peter Lull

Paul Paz y Miño

Mary Pember

Scott Ridgway

Amy Sherts

Tixi Whizz

22" x 14" saddle stitched (11" x 14" finished)

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