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Complete Rebranding

Seva Foundation

Rebranding seems out of reach for many nonprofits. Here's a way to make it work.


It's hard to come up with the budget and staff time to roll out new branding all at once. So at Seva, we developed a new brand style one piece at a time.


Starting with the newsletter, I worked with the amazing folks at Stoller Design Group to come up with a new look. Over the next 18 months, we applied the new style to all the other materials Seva published as each piece was due.

It's a process I call "rebranding on the fly" — a low cost, low stress way to get it done.


Strategy, Creative Direction, Writing

Robin Woodland

Staff Team

Julie Nestingen

Dharna Obermaier

Amy Sherts

Aaron Simon

Concert Materials

Tamara Klamner for

Tapestry Productions


Stoller Design Group


Jay Blakesberg

Geoff Oliver Bugbee

Bill Burden

Emmanuelle Errerajoan

Karl Grobl

Brian Harris

Mariah Healy

Jon Kaplan

Roger Maldonado

Susana Millman

Bob Minkin

Deborah Moses

Paul Paz y Miño

Mary Pember

Scott Ridgway

Julie Rinard

Amy Sherts

Robert Tohe

Robin Woodland

old branding...


print newsletter

22" x 14" saddle stitched (11" x 14" finished)

new branding...



print newsletter


22" x 14" saddle stitched (11" x 14" finished)

annual report

25.5" x 11" trifold (8.5" x 11" finished)

direct mail appeal


8.5" x 11"

gift catalog


12" x 10.75" saddle stitched (6" x 10.75" finished)

benefit concert invitation


11.5" x 5.75" single fold (5.75" x 5.75" finished)

benefit concert print ad


5" x 5.5"

benefit concert program


11" x 8.5" saddle stitched (5.5" x 8.5" finished)

booth display banners


5' x 3' vinyl fabric

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